Dress Code

KAMS Approved Dress Code

All students are required to wear KAMS shirts every day. It is strongly recommended that parents label their student's uniform clothing – particularly sweatshirts and jackets – so they can be returned to the student if they are lost.

Students are to wear dark solid blue, black, or gray jeans, shorts (appropriate length), skirts or pants.  Athletic shorts and sweatpants may also be worn if they are the appropriate solid color blue, black or gray.

Students may wear any KAMS shirt or sweatshirt to school Monday through Thursday.  All shirts must be KAMS shirts that have been approved by administration to wear to school.

Student-Athletes may wear their school issued jersey or approved team shirt on game days.  All other dress code rules still apply.

During cold weather, all students may wear a heavy coat over their uniform shirts when they are outside the classroom. Sweatshirts worn over Academy t-shirts must be Academy logo sweatshirts. Students may not bring blankets to school in place of a jacket.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. For safety reasons, students must wear closed-toe shoes with a back.
  • Hats and sunglasses may not be worn in the classroom, or inside any school building.
  • Students may not write on themselves with pens, markers or any other items.  This includes drawings, designs, or writing.   
  • Students may not have stickers, temporary markings, or any other items attached to their arms, legs, faces, or any other body parts.
  • Clothes should be clean, neat and acceptable for a school setting.

    Unacceptable clothing:

  • Unhemmed cut-offs, shorts w/split sides or short shorts.
  • Pants or shorts with holes
  • Patches, jewelry or printing emphasizing drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex or profanity.
  • Baggy or oversized pants/jeans. Pants should be worn at the waist, with no undergarments visible, and no excessive or inappropriate holes.
  • Tight/stretch-fabric shorts (i.e. Nike Pro, Spandex Shorts, or Spanx).


The principal will determine if a student is not in compliance with the uniform policy. Our uniform policy is designed to promote an effective learning climate, increase safety, foster student unity and pride, and eliminate label competition among students.  Students who are not in approved clothing will be given the option to call home for clothes to be brought to school OR given loaner clothes to wear for the day.  These clothes are KAMS shirts , plain black sweats, or black shorts.