Being a strong writer is a strong indicator of future success and the we.are.writers. program is designed to develop strong writing skills and celebrate student’s success at the same time.  The premise of the program is very simple; write an essay that meets the rubric standards and have it approved by two different staff members before the deadline.  You will be given feedback by the adult who can help you improve your essay until it meets the requirements.  You are encouraged to have your essay peer edited and to do the same for your classmates.  The goal of the program is to get better in your writing so you gain confidence and be celebrated for your writing.


Here are the guidelines for your essay:

  •      The paper must be your own writing. Papers that are plagiarized will result in automatic ineligibility for all of the papers involved – no exceptions.  Do not copy someone else’s paper and do not allow another person to copy your paper. You will NOT be allowed to participate in the program until the next session begins.
  •      All essays must be typed and have a handwritten original copy.
  •      You may edit and revise your paper as many times as necessary to meet the standards of the rubric. Once again, the goal is to get better, so take advantage of the feedback you are given and improve your paper each time.  You must self-edit AND have a Peer/Family edit before giving it to a staff member.
  •      Staff members will read your essay and give you written feedback within 48 hours of you giving them the paper.
  •      Once approved by one staff member, have them sign it and give it to another staff member. You must have TWO signatures for the paper to be considered finished. 
  •      Once you have your paper finalized and signed by two staff members, bring it to the office for your paper to be displayed in the office. We will write down your name for an official invitation to the we.are.writers. celebration at the end of the quarter.
  •      All students who receive an invitation to the we.are.writers. celebration are automatically entered for a chance to win prizes at each celebration.
  •      Each student will be given 1 hard copy of the materials needed to write the essay. A copy will be emailed to each student as well in case they lose their materials.