Academic Eligibility


Student athletes at Kingman Academy Middle School are expected to maintain a high academic standard and failure to do so may result in suspension and/or removal from athletics and activities.

  • All athletes must maintain grades between “A”s and “C”s.
  • NO grades of “D” and/or “F” are permitted with just ONE exception.
    • If a student-athlete is reported to have below a C, they will be put on a ONE-TIME (per season of sport), two week warning. If the grade does not improve after this two week period, the student-athlete will be deemed ineligible.

The grade report of all student athletes will be checked biweekly by the athletic department. If any of our athletes do not meet all three of the criteria, they are then suspended from competition and for a total of two weeks. This period of suspension will be from Monday to Saturday. Athletes who are below a C and receive a Strike will be grade checked the following week to see if their grade has improved.  If so, they will become eligible for athletics.  If not, they will finish out the two weeks until the next grade check.


Student athletes who continue not meeting the academic requirements stated above in any two subsequent grade checks (three failure notices) following the suspension are then removed from that athletic season indefinitely.