Testing Schedule

During the course of the school year, we will modify our daily schedule to administer various tests to our students.  Some of the tests are designed to help better meet the needs of our students by helping us identify gaps in their learning, and others are required by the state and federal governments.
We ask that you please talk with your students about the importance of these tests and to encourage them to do their best.  Since these tests usually have to be made up if a student is absent, attendance is vital to reduce the interruption of the students daily schedule when they return.
Here are the dates of important testing sessions for the 2023- 2024 school year.  These dates can also be found on the calendar section of the website.
August 9th to 17th
  • Start of Year iReady Math and Reading Baseline Assessments
  • Start of Year Science and Social Studies Baseline Assessments
October 23rd
  • 2nd Set of ELA and Math iReady Benchmark Assessments Begin
March 27th
  • 8th Grade Arizona State Science Assessments
April 3rd to 17th - AASA State Testing
  • April 3rd - 6th Grade Writing Test
  • April 4th - 7th Grade Writing Test
  • April 8th - 8th Grade Writing Test
  • April 9th - 6th Grade Math Tests
  • April 10th - 7th Grade Math Tests
  • April 11th - 8th Grade Math Tests
  • April 15th - 6th Grade ELA Tests
  • April 16th - 7th Grade ELA Tests
  • April 17th - 8th Grade ELA Test
Students are required to make up any testing sessions that are missed when they return to school.
May 6th to 16th 
  • End of Year Assessments for iReady ELA and Math, as well as Social Studies and Science