The Calm Corner

The calm corner is a place where there are different resources available. There are a variety of resources for you, hopefully, something for everyone. Take a look around at the links provided. 

Mindfulness Activities  Here you will find four different links to try a variation of meditation. This is a great place when you find that you are having a hard time concentrating, or your thoughts seem to be only focused on one thing and it is time to focus on something. 

Calm Down Exercises -


Guided 5 minute meditation -

Calm classroom -

Visual Relaxation  This is an area to explore when you need to look at something that will help relax you. These links can help relax your mind and your thoughts. Check these links out and see which one you like. 

San Diego Zoo live animal cams -

Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams -

Glitter tunnel -

Snow falling -

Yoga  Yoga is a great way to get the body moving while focusing on your breathing. These videos are not too long and they are both a great way to introduce yoga.

Guided Breathing  The guided breathing incorporates ways to breath that have specific instructions. Guided breathing is useful when you are feeling anxious, worried, and overwhelmed. These breathing exercises can help anytime. 

Belly breathing -

Box breathing -

Nose breathing -

Coloring  There are many links for coloring pages. These are just a few. They have free printable pages. Coloring can be a great stress reliever.

Nature Sounds  There are different kinds of videos listed here. If you are someone who needs to have background noise when doing homework, or studying, this is a great alternative. 

Ocean sounds -

Rain sounds -

Thunder sounds -

Babbling brook -

List of Positive Affirmations  This is a list of positive affirmations. You can take a look through them and find positive things about your day, and replace it with the negative things.